The Lia Fund, a private foundation, has now closed its doors after six years of making grants to social-change organizations that promoted a holistic view of the world, informed by the wisdom of Nature.

The Foundation made grants in the areas of Climate Solutions, Community Arts, and Holistic Health & Healing. In recognition of the great need for resources to support grassroots organizations, especially in the face of the 2008 recession, the Foundation decided to spend down its total assets, making its last grants in 2013.

What began as a selected group of activist Advisors and Board grew into a foundation that strategically awarded $5 million in grants to 107 organizations, in ways that are considered cutting edge in the field of progressive philanthropy. The Lia Fund is pleased with and proud of each grantee’s accomplishments and the ongoing impact of the work the Foundation’s grantmaking has set in motion. We encourage other grantmakers to consider funding past grantees of The Lia Fund.

What's New: To memorialize the life of the Foundation and the important work it funded, The Lia Fund has issued a report to document its legacy, The Lia Fund Legacy Report [PDF].