Randy Lia Weil believed in beauty, fairness, the human heart, and the wisdom of Nature in all things. She was a dancer, teacher, Feldenkrais practitioner, and artistic spirit. Gracious, graceful, and exceedingly generous, she was the catalyst for many people to create new possibilities for their lives and their dreams.

Prior to her passing in 2006, she created a trust and named a number of friends and colleagues from diverse disciplines with experience in nonprofit organizations to act as advisors to help identify potential grantees. This group has created a small private foundation, The Lia Fund, to carry on her values and help realize them in the world. The trust made its first set of grants in 2008, and the foundation began operating in 2011.

The advisors and trustees of The Lia Fund have made a decision to spend down all of the foundation’s assets within the next few years, closing down grantmaking by the end of 2013.

Because the foundation has committed to direct most of its assets to grants, it does not maintain a staff. While the foundation recognizes the tremendous needs of worthy projects, it simply does not have the capacity to screen unsolicited proposals and therefore does not accept them.



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