Recognizing that the earth is in a climate crisis, The Lia Fund looks for innovative, groundbreaking approaches for how to deal with climate change, especially initiatives that can be catalysts for others and can be replicated locally and globally. These include public education, media work, scientific research, strategy meetings, equipment purchase, and policy development.

With our orientation to the natural world, the foundation looks seriously at new ideas, and may be the first to fund research into a new strategy.   We actively seek initiatives by groups that have been underrepresented in the climate debate, including people of color, indigenous peoples, and young people.

Grants may be made to small or large organizations for specific projects, and have included research and development of carbon sequestration technology; international campaigns to end illegal logging; development of stringent green building codes; activities around the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen; public education about policy, especially Cap and Dividend; innovative media; and strategies for community resiliency.