How do I apply for a grant from The Lia Fund?

The Lia Fund does not accept unsolicited proposals. The foundation is unstaffed and does not have the capacity to respond individually to inquiries and proposal requests.

What types of work does the foundation support?

The foundation funds specific projects and/or provides general support in three funding areas: Climate Solutions, Community Arts, and Holistic Health & Healing. For more on these priorities, click on the following links:

Community Arts
Climate Solutions
Holistic Health & Healing

Is there any work the foundation does not fund?

The foundation does not fund capital expenses and endowment drives.

How does the foundation make grants?

At its annual meeting in January, the Board and Advisors meet to discuss their funding priorities. In the spring, we generally make a call for Letters of Intent from potential grantees nominated by the Board and Advisors, after which proposals are solicited from those that fall squarely within our funding guidelines. Site visits are conducted during the summer, prior to grant decisions. Our grants process typically ends by Labor Day of each year, and we release grantee letters in the fall, with checks drawn by November. The foundation makes grants once a year only.

What is the average size of a grant from The Lia Fund?

Grants are generally between $15,000 and $25,000, but some grants are considerably less. The foundation believes in providing general support for its grantees.

How much money does The Lia Fund give away on an annual basis?

The foundation’s annual grants budget is $750,000. Acknowledging the great need of the social movements that it supports financially, the Board has decided to spend down all of the foundation’s assets within four years, making our last grant in 2013 and planning for the closure of the foundation no later than 2014.

What are your geographic boundaries?

The Lia Fund makes its grants almost entirely within the United States, with the majority of our grants in California, where Randy Lia Weil lived.

Why is the foundation called The Lia Fund?

The Lia Fund is named after Randy Lia Weil, whose bequest established the foundation.

In Jewish culture and tradition, you may change your name twice, once when you marry, and a second time when you are sick, so that the Angel of Death cannot find you. Changing your name after recovery from an illness can also signify a transformation so large that you are, in essence, a new person. Randy chose the name Lia as an act of renewal and an affirmation of new life at a particular stage of her illness. The Board and Advisors chose this name to honor both her and the spirit of renewal that is at the heart of our work.

Who is on the foundation’s board of directors?

Family members and dear friends of Randy’s serve on the foundation’s Board. She also named a group of advisors, who help identify potential grantees.

Does the foundation have staff?

No. In our efforts to minimize costs and release more grants to the community, the foundation has no permanent staff. Instead, the Board consults with a philanthropic advisor.

Who shall I contact to ask questions or learn more about the foundation and its work?

Because we are not staffed for this, we are unable to respond to phone inquiries. You can send a brief email to with your questions.