CLIMATE SOLUTIONS Markets Foundation is an international campaign that is building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis—the solutions that science and justice demand. On 10/10/10, thousands of people all over the world engaged in local projects that cut carbon and celebrated climate solutions. A gigantic photo petition showed the world that people everywhere demand leadership on solutions to the climate crisis that will get the world back to 350 ppm of carbon (from the current 390 ppm). ($20,000)

Alaska Native Science Commission brings together research and science in partnership with the Native community. It serves as a clearinghouse for researchers seeking partners in the Native community and helped produce a film documenting the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change in 2009. ($800)

Bay Localize/Earth Island Institute conceived the Bay Area 2020 program to help communities in the nine-county region organize to adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gases, and make the economic transition away from fossil fuels. ($20,000)

Blue Climate Solutions/The Ocean Foundation promotes marine conservation as a major part of the solution to climate change. ($22,500)

Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s Cap and Dividend campaign is aimed at influencing a national dialogue on the cap-and-dividend approach, via grassroots efforts in Maryland and Virginia to educate regional representatives on the benefits of the cap-and-dividend model for climate policy. ($23,000)

Clean Air – Cool Planet’s mission is to solve the problem of global warming through education, civic engagement, and effective policy, by partnering with communities, corporations, and college campuses to help them reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and to advocate for national climate policy. ($10,000)

Collective Heritage Institute, aka Bioneers: Dreaming New Mexico is a collaborative program to reconcile nature and cultures at a state level, addressing our most pressing ecological and societal challenges, including climate change. DNM focuses on Renewable Energy and Food Systems, envisioning a positive whole system by 2020-2025, adaptable to other regions. ($20,000)

Development Center for Appropriate Technology addresses the negative impacts of buildings and the environment, and promotes sustainable building construction. ($20,000)

Ecological Options Network is a nonprofit media service for progressive organizations. It posts on YouTube legislative hearings, interviews, and press conferences, and produces educational videos to give activists access to a larger audience. It is currently focusing on Community Choice Aggregation and endangered small sustainable farms in California. ($10,000)

Environmental Investigation Agency’s Illegal Logging Project investigates and fights such environmental crime as illegal logging; promotes international regulation and enforcement; and finds practical solutions to environmental problems. ($25,000)

Environmental Investigation Agency, through its Indigenous Peoples and REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) Program, promotes better forest governance by applying lessons about demand-side drivers of deforestation and society, and encouraging indigenous people’s engagement in REDD policy and practice. ($22,000)

Indigenous Environmental Network/Indigenous Education Network of Turtle Island’s Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign works with indigenous peoples to achieve environmental protection, preservation of sacred areas, and sustainable communities. It aims to slow down Alberta Canadian tar sands development and its environmental degradation. ($20,000)

InsightShare partners with two other NGOs and indigenous communities around the world to enable those communities to share their stories about how climate change affects them and how they use traditional knowledge to mitigate it. InsightShare provides capacity building and video skills to indigenous communities in the Conversations with the Earth network. ($22,500)

International Forum on Globalization is an international think tank, research, and education institute focused on the performance, problems, and implications of the global economy, and the search for alternatives to unsustainable and unjust economic and social models. ($20,000)

Marin Carbon Project/UC-Berkeley’s Ecosystem Sciences Division is helping to establish a baseline measuring methodology for carbon sequestration in local rangeland soils to combat climate change. ($25,000)

Montana Environmental Information Center focuses on protecting Montana’s natural environment by working to keep water clean to drink and air safe to breathe; preserving the state’s quality of life; combatting global climate change; and advocating for cap-and-dividend to be the basis for national climate policy. ($10,000)

Movement for Climate Justice – West/Ruckus Society attended the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit to join other organizations in mobilizing massive public action that earns national media coverage around finding alternatives to waste incineration and other environmental waste issues. ($10,000)

New Energy Economy is dedicated to solving global warming and transforming our economy to a system powered by clean energy and grounded in justice. NEE creates model energy projects and builds community support, and is advocating for cap-and-dividend policy. ($10,000)

West Marin Commons is dedicated to the practice of community in West Marin. They seek to establish, preserve, and enhance both common spaces and the life that occurs in them. They aim to create social infrastructure for resource sharing, conservation, and learning. ($1,000)

WhyHunger is a public outreach project to educate the public using Anna Lappe’s “Cool Foods” film about the connection between industrial agriculture and the climate crisis, and to offer tools and inspiration for change. ($12,000)


African American Art Cultural Complex’s mission is to nurture and facilitate the empowerment of the African American community in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco through Afro-centric artistic and cultural expression, education, and programming. It plans a year-round music and green education program for teens. ($10,000)

Art in Action/CommuniTree/YES! aka Youth for Environmental Sanity's Youth Leadership Program empowers youth leaders from historically disenfranchised communities by engaging the arts for social change through personal, social, political, and cultural education. ($12,000)

Cornerstone Theater Company is a multi-ethnic ensemble-based company that involves community collaborators to build bridges between and within the diverse communities of Los Angeles and nationwide. ($15,000)

Cultural Odyssey is a performing arts company committed to the creation of original work by artists of all cultures. Its Medea Project uses art to transform the lives of women in need, including those who are HIV-positive and incarcerated. ($15,000)

Destiny Arts exists to end isolation, prejudice, and violence in the lives of young people through its violence-prevention and conflict-resolution programs, an award winning performance company, and a highly decorated martial arts program and tournament team. ($50,000 3-year grant)

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts helps young people discover their creative gifts and engage in issues of social justice and civic participation. Through original music, film, theater, dance, and community projects, the center emphasizes social justice, hard work, and the courage to perform. ($50,000 3-year grant)

Eastside Arts Alliance is an organization of artists, cultural workers, and community organizers of color in Oakland’s San Antonio district, committed to a creative environment that improves the quality of life for their communities and advocacy for social change. ($50,000 3-year grant)

H.O.M.E.Y. — Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth/International Child Resource Institute works with at-risk and low-income Latino and Latina youth in San Francisco’s Mission District to prevent violence and promote alternatives to gang life. ($50,000 3-year grant)

KulArts is a premier presenter of contemporary and tribal Pilipino arts. Its community and education program for children and youth in the South of Market and Excelsior Districts of San Francisco aims to provide a cultural framework in which community members can tell their own stories. ($15,000)

Los Angeles Poverty Department is a theater company that will create a new performance project, “Biggest Recovery Community Anywhere,” to tell the story of recovery on Skid Row in Los Angeles. The project aims to change the perception of Skid Row by chronicling how thousands of personal transformations have led to neighborhood transformation. ($15,000)

La Peña Cultural Center is a vibrant community cultural center with a global vision that promotes peace, social justice, and cultural understanding through the arts, education, and social action. ($50,000 3-year grant)

The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company conducts intensive theater residencies to empower youth in at-risk environments to discover their creative voice, nurture their desire for literacy, build self-respect, practice nonviolence, and set previously inconceivable expectations for themselves. ($45,000 3-year grant)

Youth Speaks encourages young people to embrace the pen and the microphone as an outlet for positive creative expression, through writing and performing spoken word, poetry and theater. It aims to empower the next generation of leaders to apply their voices as creators of social change. ($15,000)

* * *

Center for Cultural Innovation is a collaborative funding initiative of California arts funders designed to increase artist and art administrators’ access to professional development resources and capacity-building opportunities. This is a re-grant program between The Lia Fund and CCI to provide professional development to The Lia Fund’s arts grantees. ($10,000)



Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Healthcare (ACCAHC) supports educators in the licensed complementary and alternative healthcare disciplines. It is a platform for influencing change via relationships with 185 accredited schools and programs throughout the United States through which it expands holistic health care. ($15,000)

California Oncology Research Institute (CORI) and The Wellness Community – West Los Angeles bring cancer information, support, and screening to underserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles County, primarily African-American and Latino, to reach people at high risk for cancer and to save lives through early detection. ($25,000)

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic provides free access to alternative complementary modalities of treatment for underserved women with cancer. ($25,000)

Making Waves Educational Program is a tutoring and mentoring program whose mission is to give students from underserved communities the skills to attend and graduate from college. They have initiated a wellness and well-being program that focuses on healthy diets for students and their parents. ($20,000)

MBA Project, Inc. delivers mindfulness-based healing-arts services to at-risk, gang-involved, and incarcerated youth in four Bay Area counties, giving them concrete tools to reduce stress, impulsivity, and violent behavior, and increase self-esteem, self-regulation, and well-being. ($20,000)

Mosaic Multicultural Foundation is a network of artists, activists, and teachers who create mentor relationships for personal growth, spiritual awakening, and leadership development. Mosaic plans a Voices of Veterans retreat for veterans, their families, and communities, with Vietnam-era veterans mentoring those returning from current conflicts. ($20,000)

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center is an education center and organic farm in Sonoma County that aims to create ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable communities. ($25,000)

Oakland Food Connection seeks to create a socially just food system in East Oakland that promotes equity, community ownership, and youth empowerment, with nutritional awareness, access to healthy foods, and connection between people and the planet. ($25,000)