Breakthrough Communities Learning Action Project is developing a multimedia kit to help communities implement AB32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act, and SB375, the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act. ($10,000)

Bay Localize conceived the Bay Area 2020 program to help the region adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gases, and make the economic transition away from fossil fuels. This grant will support revision of its Community Resilience Toolkit. ($20,000 for Year 1 of a $60,000 3-year grant)

Bioneers’ Dreaming New Mexico is a collaborative program to shift New Mexico to green practices grounded in sustainability, social justice, and biodiversity, through education and practical projects, and to create a replicable template for renewable energy and food systems. ($25,000)

Blue Climate Solutions promotes marine conservation (“blue carbon”) as a major part of the solution to climate change. This grant will help it formalize the Blue Climate Coalition, host a workshop, and advance blue carbon policy. ($25,000 for Year 1 of a $75,000 3-year grant)

Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s Chesapeake Climate Action Network's Cap and Dividend campaign is aimed at promoting a national dialogue on the cap-and-dividend concept supported by educational materials. (25,000 for Year 1 of a $75,000 3-year grant)

Environmental Investigation Agency’s Illegal Logging Project fights illegal logging, which can destroy habitats and lead to deforestation. EIA works to change businesses’ wood sourcing practices and enforce the U.S. Lacey Act ban on illegally sourced wood products. ($25,000 for Year 1 of a $75,000 3-year grant)

Environmental Investigation Agency’s Indigenous Peoples and REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) Program promotes better forest governance by applying lessons about demand-side drivers of deforestation and encouraging indigenous people’s engagement in REDD policy and practice. ($25,000)

Indigenous Environmental Network’s Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign works with indigenous peoples to achieve environmental protection, preservation of sacred areas, and sustainable communities. It aims to slow down Alberta Canadian tar sands development and its environmental degradation. ($25,000)

InsightShare partners with two other NGOs and indigenous communities around the world to enable those communities to share their stories about how climate change affects them and how they use traditional knowledge to mitigate it. InsightShare provides capacity building and video skills to indigenous communities in the Conversations with the Earth network. ($22,500)

International Indian Treaty Council supports indigenous peoples’ self-determination through networking, coalition building, and technical assistance for local, national, and international gatherings. This grant supports the Indigenous Peoples’ Traditional Knowledge and Culturally Based Responses to Climate Change Initiative. ($10,000)

Mainstreet Moms Organize or Bust educates consumers, through its MMoms Love Clean Energy Project, on the Marin Clean Energy Community Choice Aggregation, a coalition of cities and counties that secures alternative and renewable energy for customers. ($12,000 for Year 1 of a $36,000 3-year grant)

Marin Carbon Project, in conjunction with UC-Berkeley’s Ecosystem Sciences Division, is exploring the potential for increasing carbon sequestration in rangeland soils to combat climate change, including comparing the footprint of grass-fed beef cattle to feedlot beef production. ($25,000 for Year 1 of a $75,000 3-year grant)

Northwest Cooperative Development Center fosters community economic development, primarily through providing assistance to local producers of orgnic food to form cooperatives. This grant will fund workshop fees and training for staff($1,100)

Sounding the Waters is sponsoring a radio, multimedia, audio tour, and website outreach project that uses San Francisco Bay to demonstrate the potentially disastrous effects of the rise in sea level on coastal communities around the world. ($15,000)

United Roots/Green Youth Arts and Media Center addresses the root issues of violence by providing disenfranchised youth the chance to engage with the green economy, performing arts, and digital media in ways that educate, empower, inspire, and transform their lives. ($10,000)

Women in Europe for a Common Future partners with communities in eight countries to demonstrate sustainable, low-cost, decentralized energy; to promote gender equity and economic justice in climate policy; and to educate on the risks of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. ($25,000)

Women’s Earth Alliance/Earth Island Institute identifies underserved areas with environmental degradation and helps local organizations provide women with training, resources, and advocacy support to solve issues of water, food, land, and climate change. ($15,000)

Youth Speaks encourages young people to embrace the pen and the microphone for positive creative expression, through writing and performing spoken word, poetry, and theater. It empowers the next generation of leaders to use their voices for social change, including environmental change. ($5,000)


African American Art & Culture Complex strives for cross-cultural understanding through celebrating the African and African American cultural experience, and supports the work of young Bay Area artists, including an arts and green education program for children and at-risk teens. ($10,000)

Cornerstone Theater Company is a multi-ethnic ensemble that commissions and produces plays that pair professional artists with non-artists to bridge diverse communities. Its current project is The Hunger Cycle, exploring food and hunger issues in the Los Angeles area. ($12,000)

Cultural Odyssey’s The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women utilizes theater, movement, literature, and visual art to increase female inmates’ self- and social awareness. The project is aimed at reducing recidivism and now also includes women who are HIV positive. ($10,000)

Destiny Arts exists to end isolation, prejudice, and violence in the lives of young people through its violence-prevention and conflict-resolution programs, an award winning performance company, and a highly decorated martial arts program and tournament team. ($20,000 for Year 2 of a $50,000 3-year grant)

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts uses a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary approach to help youth discover their creative gifts and engage in social justice issues through original music, film, theater, dance, and community projects. ($20,000 for Year 2 of a $50,000 3-year grant)

Eastside Arts Alliance is an organization of artists, cultural workers, and community organizers of color in Oakland’s San Antonio district who unite art with activism to bridge ethnically divided communities and foster social change. ($20,000 for Year 2 of a $50,000 3-year grant)

Eco-Logical Art Inc. re-envisions art by creating it from recycled materials and displaying it where ordinary people can enjoy it. This grant supports Project ReStore, a youth street mural program for blighted neighborhoods and vacant storefronts. ($10,000)

H.O.M.E.Y. — Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth — offers alternatives to gang life for at-risk, low-income Latino/Latina youth in San Francisco’s Mission District, through case management services, support groups, and mentoring. ($15,000)

Kularts is dedicated to expanding understanding of American Pilipino culture and preserving ancient Pilipino art forms as a way of bringing the community together. Its Eco Arts program for San Francisco youth focuses on the interconnection of environment and cultural identity. ($14,000)

Los Angeles Poverty Department is a theater company that aims to change perception of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Its performance project “Biggest Recovery Community Anywhere” -- chronicles how thousands of personal transformations led to neighborhood transformation. ($12,000)

La Peña Cultural Center is a vibrant community cultural center with a global vision that promotes peace, social justice, and cultural understanding through the arts, education, and social action. ($20,000 for Year 2 of a $50,000 3-year grant)

United Roots Oakland/Green Youth Arts and Media Center addresses the root issues of violence by providing disenfranchised youth the chance to engage with the green economy, performing arts, and digital media in ways that educate, empower, inspire, and transform their lives. ($5,000)

The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company conducts intensive theater residencies to empower youth in at-risk environments to discover their creative voice, nurture their desire for literacy, build self-respect, practice nonviolence, and set previously inconceivable expectations for themselves. ($18,000 for Year 2 of a $45,000 3-year grant)

Youth Speaks encourages young people to embrace the pen and the microphone as an outlet for positive creative expression, through writing and performing spoken word, poetry and theater. It aims to empower the next generation of leaders to apply their voices as creators of social change. ($10,000)

                                                                                * * *

Center for Cultural Innovation is a collaborative funding initiative of California arts funders designed to increase artist and art administrators’ access to professional development resources and capacity-building opportunities. This is a re-grant program between The Lia Fund and CCI to provide professional development to The Lia Fund’s arts grantees. ($5,000)




Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC) seeks to enhance patient care by supporting integrated environments for licensed complementary and alternative healthcare disciplines and by influencing national policy through its new core project, the Center for Optimal Integration. ($20,000)

California Oncology Research Institute (CORI) and The Wellness Community – West Los Angeles bring cancer information, support, and screening to primarily African-American and Latino underserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles County to reach people at high risk for cancer and to save lives through early detection. ($25,000)

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic provides free access to alternative, complementary treatments to underserved women with cancer, including acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs, massage therapy, homeopathy, and therapeutic imagery, along with social services. ($20,000)

MBA Project, Inc. delivers mindfulness-based healing-arts services to at-risk, gang-involved, and incarcerated youth in four Bay Area counties, giving them concrete tools to reduce stress, impulsivity, and violent behavior and increase self-esteem, self-regulation, and well-being. ($20,000)

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center is an education center and organic farm in Sonoma County that aims to create ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable communities, including training and consultation on school garden programs. ($17,500)

Oakland Food Connection seeks to create a socially just food system in East Oakland by building gardens with community groups, providing ecological and nutrition education, and teaching youth to grow, prepare, and sell pesticide-free food at affordable prices. ($22,500)