Recognizing that healthy systems thrive within a weaving of diverse, interconnected relationships, The Lia Fund promotes a holistic view of the world, informed by Nature.

We support innovative, vibrant, transformative work that is a catalyst for change which regenerates people, communities, and the earth.

We fund organizations, projects, and people bringing about creative, ecological, and social change in the areas of Climate Solutions, Community Arts, and Holistic Health & Healing.



The Lia Fund recognizes that we live in an ever-changing world, and in order to participate in a hopeful future, we seek new models of how we might restore and improve the health, heart, and soul of individuals, communities, and the very world we live in.

Within this, we have identified three areas of immediate importance for our focus: Climate Solutions, Community Arts, and Holistic Health & Healing . We understand the interconnectedness and interdependency of these areas of life, as well as how they are shaped and impacted by social and economic justice. We are especially interested in supporting projects whose work embraces this complexity of relationships and understanding.

Above all, we believe in the wisdom of Nature, and that all thriving systems are whole, synergistic systems. Whether they are energy-efficient motors, a theatrical play, or the treatment of cancer, systems are most coherent and effective when they are based within the principles of Nature and natural systems, or in connection to the natural world.

The Lia Fund wants to be an agent for positive change. We support new ideas with far-reaching impact in our funding areas, not only to raise awareness, but to take actions to enact innovative solutions. We are especially interested in good ideas put to good use that can be replicated elsewhere, or can serve as an educational model to be adapted by others.

We need artists and healers, scientists and farmers, educators, activists, and policymakers to bring their talents and visions together to arrive at integrated solutions to the multi-dimensional challenges our world faces. And with that, we want to help restore the world, and make ourselves whole.