We at The Lia Fund believe that activists on the ground are precious resources for movement building.  And we know how difficult it is to take the time to rest, reflect, and enjoy the natural world around us.  The immediacy of the issues that face us and our constituencies are so pressing and all-consuming that we often do not notice the opportunity for deep contemplation that winter brings, the first buds of spring, the summer breeze, or autumn’s brisk arrival.  Embracing opportunities for rest and renewal are essential to building a sustainable movement.  We hope the following list of resources will encourage creating a culture of self-care.

It is our intention that this collection of resources be interactive.  If you know of an organization or a foundation scholarship program that supports the rest and renewal of activists please send the contact information to and we will add it to the list.  And check back in to see what your colleagues are adding.


Links: Respite and Renewal Programs

Alex Haley Farm


Blue Mountain Center


California Center for Creative Renewal


The California Wellness Foundation Sabbatical Program

Center for Leadership Renewal  


Changing Course: Burnout Solutions and the Process of Renewal


The Durfee Foundation: sabbatical program


Earthrise Center




Fetzer Institute


Green Gulch Farm


Highlander Center


James P. Shannon Leadership Institute


The Kalani Sabbatical




Ojai Foundation


Rasmuson Foundation


Rockwood Leadership Institute


Seven Circles


Stone Circles


Vallecitos Mountain Refuge


Wildflowers Institute




Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation



“Being The change we want: A Conversation About Vocational¬† Renewal for Nonprofit Leaders” [PDF]

By Patricia Thompson, The Metcalf Foundation, May 2009

Benefits of Mindfulness



“Creative Disruption: Sabbaticals for Capacity Building and Leadership Development In the Nonprofit Sector” [PDF]

By Deborah S. Linnell, Third Sector New England and Tim Wolfred, PsyD, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, 2009

“Enhancing Nonprofit Leadership Through Coaching: LeaderSpring’s Executive Coaching Project” [PDF]

BTW Informing Change, by Regina Sheridan and Kim Ammann Howard


Preventing Burnout



Relaxation Techniques for Stress



The Sabbatical

By Designmind


Why to take a Sabbatical

by Denise Gershein